Even though I have a feeling the ice would melt and make your drink look kind of odd, these ice cubes are pretty cool. The product description included a cute serving idea: freeze cranberry juice in the molds and pop the ice cubes into a glass of vodka. Good thinking.


Nordic Breads bakes great organic Finish whole grain rye bread. This bread could arguably be eaten at any time of the day; however, it makes a pretty awesome snack.  Try spreading a little bit of butter on it, and then top it with cheddar and a slice of cucumber.  This snack sounds remotely like something your grandma would make, but you’ll love it and apparently it’s healthy too.

The Finish Ruis bread comes in a few sizes, but the mini rounds are my personal favorite. They’re sold in the NY area but can be shipped nationally.

The times you purchase stationary far outnumber the times you actually use it, but I still found more cards to add that growing the stack in your closet. The Sad Shop on Etsy sells simple themed cards decorated with short, clever phrases. They’re no frills, but the messages will make you smile; you might even consider actually sending it to someone this time.

Tiger’s Blood flavored shaved ice was quintessential for summer as a kid, and now as an adult there is a souped up way to enjoy that nostalgic treat: Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls. These sno-balls in NY’s West Village are of the New Orleans persuasion, but they are essentially everything you remember plus some.

The syrups consist of some old and some new (like orchid cream vanilla and red velvet cake) with toppings of sweetened condensed milk and marshmallow fluff. The combinations are endless but hurry because the store is only a summer pop-up.

 (Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls: 124 MacDougal, between 3rd and Bleecker; West Village; 251-366-7777)

The Deli Garage

“Powerfuel”: vodka sold in flasks (blackberry, melon mint, ginger coriander, espresso)

The Deli Garage is an awesome German food cooperative that sells locally manufactured food products dressed up in wacky, artistic packaging. It’s hard not to be totally intrigued when you see what they’re selling. If only they shipped to the US, I’d buy everything.

“Filler”: chocolate spread (milk and white chocolate)

“Food Finish”: edible, tasteless food coloring spray

“Cheese Pencils”: Parmesan “pencils,” truffle, pesto and chili “graphite” centers, sold with a sharpener

“Oil Change”: olive oil (lemon, chili, rosemary)

I have found just the thing to playfully decorate your home. Jonathan Adler’s porcelain match strike sculptures not only conveniently hold matches, but the frictional base of the sculptures can be used to ignite strike-anywhere matches. After seeing these, your simple book of matches looks dreadfully boring.

As wedding season is upon us, it seems our groups of girlfriends desperately need new ways to celebrate the engagement, the bachelorette and everything else.  I found an option that’s a twist on the traditional spa day; it’s is fun, girly, and of course involves drinking. Try having a party at Drybar.

Drybar is a “blow dry bar” where they only do blowouts. You  can book a party for all of  all of your friends for $35 per person (plus a $50 clean-up fee). The whole group will get their hair done, hang out, watch  girly movies (like 13 Going On 30), and sip champagne.

Drybar even allows you to bring your own food and alcohol, making this the perfect pre-game. Once everyone is all done-up, and tipsy, you can go straight out for a fabulous night.

Find locations nationwide here. Note: they can’t always accommodate all hair types so make sure to call ahead!


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