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As wedding season is upon us, it seems our groups of girlfriends desperately need new ways to celebrate the engagement, the bachelorette and everything else.  I found an option that’s a twist on the traditional spa day; it’s is fun, girly, and of course involves drinking. Try having a party at Drybar.

Drybar is a “blow dry bar” where they only do blowouts. You  can book a party for all of  all of your friends for $35 per person (plus a $50 clean-up fee). The whole group will get their hair done, hang out, watch  girly movies (like 13 Going On 30), and sip champagne.

Drybar even allows you to bring your own food and alcohol, making this the perfect pre-game. Once everyone is all done-up, and tipsy, you can go straight out for a fabulous night.

Find locations nationwide here. Note: they can’t always accommodate all hair types so make sure to call ahead!



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It seems that after a few years out of college, the weddings begin, and they keep coming. Maybe not your wedding or my wedding, but we definitely know other people getting married. With each friend’s wedding we are expected to be creative with the pre-wedding festivities. And as fun as they are, at some point we will have had so many bachelorette parties in Vegas and Miami, that those destinations will no longer be viable party options. We need a backup. We need an option that makes what could have been an ill-advised, trashy-phallic-themed-fist-pumping night in Atlantic City, a classy breath of fresh air.


Go to North Fork (Long Island) for a wine tasting weekend (I said classy, not sober). This is great in the warmer months. It’s not a long drive (or train ride) away from Manhattan, and it’s a fun place where you can drink and eat a ton with pretty awesome views.

Stay: Harbor Front Inn.

Drinking Tour: Vintage Tours.

Drink More: Croteaux Vineyard and/or Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. The brewing company is around the corner from the hotel, literally.

Eat: The Frisky Oyster, and it has a fun bar scene.

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