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Nordic Breads bakes great organic Finish whole grain rye bread. This bread could arguably be eaten at any time of the day; however, it makes a pretty awesome snack.  Try spreading a little bit of butter on it, and then top it with cheddar and a slice of cucumber.  This snack sounds remotely like something your grandma would make, but you’ll love it and apparently it’s healthy too.

The Finish Ruis bread comes in a few sizes, but the mini rounds are my personal favorite. They’re sold in the NY area but can be shipped nationally.


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Yes, the word “curd” is kind of unappealing, I agree. However, Beecher’s cheese curds are pretty spectacular. Cheese curds are essentially fresh cheese, before the solids are pressed and aged. The flavor is mild but salty and the texture is firm and kind of spongy. Cheese curds are also referred to as “squeaky cheese” because of the sound they make when you bite into them.

The cheese curds are best when eaten within a few days of when they were made so it’s ideal if you can buy them freshly made, but if you cannot, they ship them here.

I eat cheese curds plain,  but they are also a great addition to a meat and cheese plate, salads or a topping to hot tomato soup or gazpacho.

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No, not a Slim Jim. Kings County Jerky Co. is artisanal beef jerky made in Brooklyn. It is so good, super lean (so not bad for you) and it comes in Classic, Korean BBQ and Sichuan Ginger.  I promise that it’s different from any jerky you might have encountered—even the brown paper bag packaging is superior to the creepy space food-like jerky you see in the grocery store.  It’s ideal for snacking, bringing on a picnic, or just keeping handy in your purse (fact, I’ve done it). The company is making jerky cool again, or perhaps cool for the first time, but either way you should try it.

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South of the Boarder Pistachios

Everybody’s Nuts Pistachios, South of the Boarder Flavor–

I crave these at any given time of the day. Try them, it’s like eating a bit of heaven mixed with crack…in a really good way. 


What are some of your favorite snacks that I should add to my list?

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