Carnations are thought of as kind of tacky; I usually try to avoid them altogether. However, now they can provide an inexpensive way to enjoy fresh flowers.

I  recently saw these arrangements; they’re a ton of carnations gathered together into a large glamorous poof and tied together with a clear rubber band. It’s a simple way to make these flowers with a bad reputation finally look chic.


Just because Mother and Father’s Day are over, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop sending cards. Sometimes sending notes in the mail can seem old-fashioned (mainly because there is a such thing as texting), but sending a card can be a really cute gesture – especially if it’s on unexpected stationary.

Spoon & Sailor has  fun, untraditional cards that you have to check out!

Often, a decent Father’s Day card is hard to find. Most of the ones in stores are cheesy or just plain stupid.

We have all seen the DIY, 300-step Martha Stewart greeting card ideas. Though they are stunning, you might not have the time and would rather something less complicated and less expensive. I made a personalized Father’s Day card in just minutes that I think any dad would appreciate.


I bought photo insert cards from Paper Presentation; they come in many different colors. I also quickly printed out a photo of my dad and I  from the kiosk at CVS.

I then just inserted my photo and wrote my message! The final product looks neat, clean, and thoughtful.

Yes, the word “curd” is kind of unappealing, I agree. However, Beecher’s cheese curds are pretty spectacular. Cheese curds are essentially fresh cheese, before the solids are pressed and aged. The flavor is mild but salty and the texture is firm and kind of spongy. Cheese curds are also referred to as “squeaky cheese” because of the sound they make when you bite into them.

The cheese curds are best when eaten within a few days of when they were made so it’s ideal if you can buy them freshly made, but if you cannot, they ship them here.

I eat cheese curds plain,  but they are also a great addition to a meat and cheese plate, salads or a topping to hot tomato soup or gazpacho.

Friday Nights

Friday nights should be dedicated to laid back dinners and close friends, before debauchery ensues on Saturday night.  7th street in the East Village in NY provides many adventurous options.  There’s pasta, lobster rolls, arepas, ice cream, cupcakes and more all lined up right  beside each other. For next Friday night, try this East Village agenda.

Dinner: Porsena (Italian). The restaurant has a quaint neighborhood feel with a welcoming staff and unique pastas. Try the anneloni con salsiccia e rape (ring-shaped pasta, spicy lamb sausage, mustard greens).

(Porsena: 21–23 E. 7th Street, near Third Ave; East Village; 212-228-4923 )

Dessert: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. This fantastical ice cream shop has soft serve ice cream dressed in toppings from pumpkin butter to siracha, red velvet ice cream sandwiches and even Ginger-Curry flavored milkshakes

(Big Gay Ice Cream Shop: 125 E. 7th Street; between First Ave and Ave A; 212-533-9333)

Some of the most unforgettable pancakes you will ever eat can be found at Clinton Street Baking Company. I actually dream about the wild Maine blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter. They are larger, sweeter and simply more outstanding than you could even imagine. The best part: the pancakes (and other incredible breakfast items) are served 7 days a week, morning, noon and night!

This might be super advance planning, but February is pancake month at Clinton Street Baking Company and they serve a ton of different varieties! See all of the different flavors from 2012.

Clinton Street Baking Company: 4 Clinton Street near Houston; Lower East Side; 646-602-6263

For some reason serving cheese on a slate board makes you feel a little cooler. These slate boards (coasters, plates, placemats, and even garden markers) from Brooklyn Slate Co. are not only cool, but they’re beautiful and give you a new way to display your food.

The slate is handpicked from a slate quarry in upstate NY and finished in Brooklyn.  The boards come with a soapstone pencil so you can write directly on the slate to identify different cheeses for your guests. These unique boards need to be somewhere on your wish list.

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